About Me

When I was at school, about 13, I was asked to stand in front of the class and speak. My mystified classmates saw me standing, wordless. My vision went red, and then green, next I passed out. Teenage boys are vicious in the face of weakness, but no one mentioned it; and I was never asked to stand and speak again.

My career took me into theatre, concert and television production. Always backstage or behind the camera, I was privileged to work with some of the biggest names in the performing world. I watched the way Elton John connected with his audience, learned from seeing Sir Laurence Olivier rehearse one of his last West End appearances, and enjoyed the seemingly endless rehearsals Franco Zefferelli spent on small, important, pieces of stage direction. I learned from Eddie Izzard, Ingrid Bergman, Max Bygraves, Mike Yarwood, Nick Ross, Peter Snow, Richard Baker and even royalty.

All refreshingly nervous backstage.

I then worked in company events and corporate video. I found that I could help inexperienced presenters to feel relaxed, hone their content, and become more effective. Over the years I got better and better at doing this. I have worked with main board directors of more than 60 of the Fortune top 100 companies, with leading charities and small internet start-ups.

I have coached those making presentations in over 30 countries from a deserted Indonesian island to 5 star conference centres, from CEO’s to disadvantaged children. I’m trained in NLP, theatre, film, business and mentoring.

About five years ago I started my own consultancy and needed to demonstrate that I was an expert in the field. With a sinking heart I realised that this meant I must volunteer to speak at industry events. I employed all that I had - unwittingly - learned through my career, so forcing myself to become a better presenter. I even learned how to enjoy it. I spoke at many conference industry events in the UK, at the TV market in Singapore, and the Telecoms summit in Barcelona and over 60 engagements globally. It worked. I proved what I'd always suspected: to become successful in any field you must be a confident speaker. I am proud to say I have just been accepted as a coach to SupporTED at the TED Fellows community, and was a member of the ACE council for conference and event organisers.

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