Are you an infrequent, unwilling, unseasoned presenter? Does standing up at conferences or company meetings fill you with dread? Do you avoid giving speeches or presentations? Is this holding back your career?

Not everyone likes being the centre of attention – in fact, over half the population are introverts who shun the spotlight. And yet we introverts are known to be significantly more intelligent than our extroverted colleagues. Which makes it doubly cruel that we struggle to communicate well in this way.

There is no end of presenting help out there, so who do you turn to? The problem with most presentation courses is that they are led by natural presenters. They ooze confidence because they have a natural ability, and are comfortable speaking. These people will teach you great technique, but they do not understand the introverted presenter – because they’ve never been one.

Welcome to the Introverted Presenter, a place where introverts can learn to shine.

I understand - because I'm just like you. 

In just two weeks over three private sessions I will transform your stage presence, hone your content and target your delivery by simply capitalising on your natural strengths. So instead of feeling nervous about an upcoming speaking opportunity; you can face your audience with confidence and poise, safe in the knowledge that your audience will hear your message clearly and see you as the expert you are.

It's a common misconception that Introverts are shy and extroverts are outgoing. Actually there are many shy extroverts. Simply being an introvert does mean that presenting sucks more energy out of you than if you were an extrovert. So you need a strategy which copes, prepares, and allows for your natural abilities. That's what I do.

Extroverts with bad content will also fail. so content is also important. I will show you how to tell stories that stick in ways that you will enjoy. Together we'll take the first steps in the journey to your being a confident presenter.

Let me help you, the way I helped myself.

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