Shine in Two Weeks Course

Your confidence in presenting is as much a function of your content as your presenting skills. Extroverts and Introverts can both make terrible presentations if the core material is poor. I will show you how to hone your message to suit your audience and further to suit your introverted self.

My aim is to create an authentic presentation with clarity in your message. I have crafted messages for a wide range of speakers, and an even wider range of audiences.

We’ll work for 3 sessions over a two week period to develop your content and delivery.  I’ll use tried and tested stage and television techniques and you will learn how to approach your next speaking engagement with confidence, engage your audience and have them remember the key message you impart for a long time afterwards.  Sessions are bespoke and usually follow this sample format:

Sessions last about an hour and are ideally scheduled one week apart. So the whole course takes 14 days. You will be expected to do solo work between each coaching session, usually taking between 1 and 2 hours.

After the course you will understand how to prepare and approach your next speaking engagement with the confidence that you will project your message clearly, and you will feel good doing it. 

This initial course costs £600 plus travel outside the M40/M5/M4 triangle.

Many other presentation and message coaching services are available. 

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